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autism-largeAutism Spectrum Connections Cymru is a specialist service providing charity for people with autism in Wales. They deliver a range of flexible, outcome focussed support for adults with autism in SE Wales through the provision of a One Stop Shop Service- 21 High Street.

Senior Support Worker Clair Latham describes what makes her job awesome:

There’s no such thing as a typical day at 21 High Street because every person we support is an individual, they all have different needs and access our service for different reasons, so no two days are the same! One morning I could be supporting an individual at a planned support session to develop employment opportunities. An hour later I could be supporting someone who has come to the service ‘in crisis’ and needs immediate support to problem solve a particular issue.

Using a strength based support model tailored to the needs of each individual I support them around their understanding, how they communicate, what motivates them, what they expect and what they experience through their senses working in partnership with the individual to problem solve and supporting them to achieve a variety of goals and aspirations including post diagnostic advice, employment, housing, benefits, budgeting and relationship advice. At the same time we provide and support a wide range of social opportunities and activities for people to engage in and develop.

Working at 21 High Street is fun, varied, challenging and extremely rewarding and is unlike any other support worker role I’ve ever had before. I’m proud to work in an environment and with a team that has created a community within a city, where people feel included, valued, equal and safe.

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